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Escaping Darkness

© KaceTheEvilAngel

Meet Kace (pronounced 'case'). She has no memory before waking up in this odd world, except for her name. When she sees the odd looking creatures and Jack, the tall talking skeleton, she believes she's just dreaming. But she soon finds she's not. How and why she's there is unknown to everyone, but as Halloween approaches, and the events become more unsettling, Kace will discover more about herself than she might wish to, and the past about this wonderfully creepy world she now belongs to. She'll also discover she has unfinished business from her past experiences that she can no longer run from, and she'll learn the strength of love, even after death.

Chapter: 1 2

Chapter 1

Everything is blurry. Even my memory.
I don’t know how I got here. The only thing I can remember are snippets of my life before now. Surviving in the Hinterlands, a maze of woods that no one dares enter.
That’s all.
So now I’m here, sitting against a brick wall outside this weird-looking gate. A long hearse is parked nearby, and behind it I can see a town. Sadly, no one comes close enough to see me back here.
I look down at the ground. There are some flowers growing outside this wall. What are these? Forget-me-nots?
I pick one, and slowly turn it in my fingers. Suddenly the flower blooms out into a menacing face. I gasp and almost drop the flower as it changes again. This time into a pair of wings. Then the whole thing shatters into ashes.
What was that? Should I be worried?
My head starts pounding so I lean back against the wall and close my eyes.
I hear the creaking of a door, and footsteps on a wooden-sounding surface. So I assume there’s a house through this gate, and someone is on the porch.
“Thanks so much, Jack. I just didn’t know what to do.”
“It’s no problem, Mayor. I’ll help anyone in need,” the one who I assume is Jack says.
“Come on, I laid her over here,” the so-called Mayor says.
More footsteps. Are they coming for me? They must be.
A somewhat portly man with a top hat walks out the gate and looks at me.
His eyes are mismatched, but he looks cheerful enough. He still seems creepy though. Does he… does he even have a neck?
I try to focus my eyes on him, but everything blurs again.
Suddenly the man’s head spins completely around, and his face is white and frightened. Now I’m worried that I’m hallucinating.
“Jack! Jack! Come quickly!” he yells.
A tall, skinny figure appear through the gate.
A black pinstripe suit, long legs and arms, and… A skull?! He’s a skeleton?!
Okay, I’m definitely hallucinating. I have to be.
“Oh my… the poor thing. I’ll have Sally check on her, she’ll fix her right up.”
Some unknown person is going to be checking over me? I’m not too sure about that. Just what is so wrong with me anyway? Besides that I can’t remember much. I can remember my age though. I’m fifteen. How can I remember that but not much else?
I try to speak but it seems I can’t.
“Oh, thank you, Jack. Let me know how she does,” the Mayor says as he climbs in the hearse and drives away.
I turn my eyes back to the one called Jack. Once again, I fail at speaking and everything blurs. I feel sick, and tired.
“Oh dear. You don’t look well at all,” he says, picking me up.
His arms are cold, and thin. I’m surprised he can hold anything; he’s only bones.
I still haven’t ruled out that this is a hallucination, or some cruel dream though.
He carries me through the gate and into his house. My vision is blurring worse than before, it’s hard to clearly see anything. I can tell that he sets me down on a couch. From the demeanor of everything I’ve seen so far, I didn’t expect the couch to be so comfortable.
A smaller figure enters, but that’s all I see before the world goes black.

Well, there you go. chapter one. I'm not sure how good it is, I judge myself too harshly. We're all our own worst critics though. I'm no good with titles either. Sorry. Feel free to message me on anything about it if you want. I'm open to any and all suggestions, criticism, or questions.

Chapter: 1 2

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