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Love and Bones

© Gothic chic

Love has been brewing in Halloween Town! Now follow the two couples, Jack and Sally, through their relationship and follow the growth and life of Noella F. Skellington (my O.C. daughter) please comment and review this, for this is my first official internet fanfic. Also, this story is written by me, a 12 year old 7th grader.
_love always,
Gothic chic <3
Frownb Lol Smile Smile Smile

Chapter: 1 2

"Sally, my love, be my Pumpkin Queen. For we can rule Halloween Town together!" Jack exclaimed, on his knees and holding his long bony arms out.
Zero, Jack's loyal ghost companion, cocked his little head in confusion, as Jack was seemingly talking to himself. He had his mind set on a proposal to Sally, considering they both were madly in love, but he didn't know exactly how to break the ice. So there he sat, at the old cemetary alone practiving and gaining confidence to propose.
Jack cleared his throught, as he was getting ready to practice all over again.
Maybe I should be streight forward with it, Jack thought to himself.
He then continued.
"Sally, will you marry me?" He said to the nothingness in front of him.

Some time passed when he decided to wrap-up and go home, until he saw his soon-to-be viance walk through thebrittle entrance gate. She appeared to be holding a black rose in her hands. She plucked the delicate petals away from the flower as she walked up the spiral hill. There she sat, plucking away and glancing into the glimmering, silver moom. Jack then knew it was time.
He slowly sneaked behind Sally, waiting for the right moment to jump at her and yell, "Boo!".
Carefully timing his scare, he counted down.

Jack then pounced at Sally playfully with a fearsome roar.
Sally managed a short shreik from her dark red lips.

"Heavens, Jack! You nearly scared me to death..."

"Your already dead, dear." Jack chuckled. Sally gave him a friendly arm punch.

Jack carefully pulled out a little red box from his tuxedo. He opened the box to reveal a glitttering diamond ring in the shape of a pumpkin. He then got on his knees, firmly holding out the ring box. "Will you be my Pumpkin Queen?" He asked, feeling confidential with a little bit of embarrasment.
Sally gasped and cupped her hands over her mouth.
"Oh dear!" She began happily. "Jack, of course I'll marry you!" She grinned.
Both of their faces were enlightened with happiness, as they reached out to hug each other. As they wraped their arms around each other, Jack wispered into Sally's ear, "I love you, my sweet. You are the angel to my nightmare". Sally leaned in closer and kissed jack passionately.
Short after their loving smooch, Sally thought of something.
"Jack, we should tell everyone about our marriage and prepare them for our wedding."
Jack grasped her hand. "Why don't we tell them now? We can organise a town meeting.", he said as he pulled Sally's arm toward the graveyard exit. Pulling too hard, he teared off the limb.
"Where are you going with that?" Sally asked.
"I'm taking it to the mayor to set up the meeting. You were supposed to be attached." Jack replied, with a giggle.

_that was the first part to my story. How many parts will it have? I do not know. But this was just the very beggining. Tell me how you think, and I will post part 2. Hope you enjoyed! I know I enjoyed writing it.

Chapter: 1 2

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