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The night I met Jack Skellington

© paige10967

This was a dream that I had. Enjoy!!!!!! Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Just so you know, Aitsu means that d@mned person.
It was late. I shouldn't have been out but my aitsu parents had said that I didn't need to be out at night without an adult. I'm 14 friggin' years old! I was walking in the woods behind the house. I saw a figure with an orange light just floating along the ground. It turned and I saw Zero, Jack Skellington's ghost dog. I looked up and saw a tall and skinny figure in a clearing of trees. I pulled out my sword that I had crafted in the 3rd grade. The broomstick had a glowing green whip.I heard a slight rustling to my left. A hulking figure was advancing on the broomstick.The figure raised its fist. I slung my sword at him and yelled, "Hey! Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" "Oh," it said. "Like you?" Uh-oh.

I recognized the voice and it wasn't Ken Page. It was Oogie Boogie from Halloween Town. He began to sing the Boogie song. When he got to a break I sang, "I see you're pretty proud of all your booby trapping schemes, but I can say you'll rule his town only in your dreams!" He replied, "Ha! That's funny, kid. It was a dream! But now it's comin' true! 'Cause even my mere shadow knows, his days as king are through! Woah-oh!" "Oh-oh!" "Woah-oh!" "Oh-oh!" "Woah-oh!" "Oh-oh!" "I'm the Oogie Boogie Man!" We danced around each other and I smacked him whenever I could.

Then Mr. Broomstick wrapped his whip around Oogie's neck, pulling him away from me. "I can fight my own fights!" I yelled. "Oh yeah?" he said. "Didn't look like it to me, kid." Then I realized who the broomstick was.

"Forgive me, Jack. Wait a minute. How did you get behind my house?" I said. "I don't have any idea." he replied. Then Oogie shuddered and rose, yelling "Next time Jack, you won't win so easily!" and jumped into a tree. It was the Halloween Holiday door. Jack said, "Well thanks for the help. Nice sword. I gotta go. He's probably trying to take over the town. Again." "Take me with you." I said. "The time might come where I have to save your ass. The name's Paige." "Well Paige, let's go." I jumped into the tree and fell in a spiral of leaves.

Oof! I landed. Hard. Jack helped me up and we started towards the doctor's lab. Jack said, "We need to get you a Soul Robber because the sword can't touch Oogie when we're down here." I saw Oogie going towards Jack's house. "Hey Jack," I said. "Isn't that your house back there?" He said it was. "Well Oogie's heading that way." Jack turned to see Oogie breaking down the door. Dr. Finky came out and threw me a Soul Robber. "Use this!" he yelled. It wrapped around my arm.

We ran to Jack's house. Oogie came out on the 2nd floor balcony. He was holding two baby skeletons. "Well, Jack, kid, what are you two gonna do?" He hung the kids on a couple of nails and they started bawling. "Hold on Chris and Holly!" Jack yelled. "Daddy's coming!" I started after Oogie. Jack grabbed my arm as if to stop me. "Look," I said. "We have a better chance of beating him if I go after him." Jack let me go and I went to Lock, Shock, and Barrel's treehouse. I slid down the chute and landed on a roulette table. I yelled "Oogie it's time to finish this!" He actually growled. I slung the Soul Robber in his direction and it connected with his face.

I started the Boogie song. "Well, well, well, look what the bat dragged in. Oogie, you're still here? Ooh, I'm really scared! So why don't you just give up? You know, SURRENDER!" We danced around and exchanged blows. "Woah-oh!" "Oh-oh!" "Woah-oh!" "Oh-oh!" "Woah-oh!" "Oh-oh! You'll never be the Pumpkin King!" Jack came in about 3/4 of the way through our song. "Well, I'm feeling angry and there's plenty left to do. I've gone and saved my children and now I'm after you!"

Oogie slammed Jack down and knocked him out. I grabbed him and carried him home. When he woke up he said, "Oh, my skull! Who hit me?" "Oogie." I said. I turned to leave and Jack stopped me. "Where are you going?" he asked. I told him, "If I don't go and finish the fight, Oogie will just keep fighting you and wearing you down until you get killed." and I left.

I ran back to the lair and Oogie and I began our fight once again. I teased, smacked, punched, and taunted him. I was wearing him down. My heart should have been slamming against my chest but it wasn't. I didn't stop to think about it. Oogie said, "Jack should just about be dead by now." " What are you yakkin' on about, ya gamblin' potato sack?" I said. "When I slammed Jack down, I cracked his skull." he said. "You don't die from a cracked skull, Aitsu!" I yelled.

I saw a loose thread at Oogie's feet. I snagged it with my soul robber and pulled. I pulled out the stitching on the left half of his body. "Now look what you've done!" he cried. "My bugs! My bugs! My bugs..." When the last bug was gone, I picked up Oogie's body and threw it into his pit of lava. I ran back to Jack's house. He had a bad headache. I asked him why my heart had stopped beating. "You landed a little too hard when we got here." he said. "You basically splattered your insides." So I couldn't go home, but I was proclaimed the savior of Halloween Town. Jack took me in and now I'm training to be the new Pumpkin Queen. We had some pretty strange adventures after that, but that's another story.
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