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Molly's Halloween Life

© Halloween Town Tales

Molly had chosen to stay in Halloween Town. This has indeed changed her life forever. These are 12 mini stories of her Halloween life, her activities with her new friends, Spook and Mum, learning new spells as a human witch and handling her relationship with her guardian, The Pumpkin King. These stories will eventually lead up to her very first Halloween festival. ( Stay tune for part 3 of the Molly's Beginnings saga

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Chapter One: Mittens the Second.

A week has pass since she said goodbye to her brother, as her new life has just begun. Molly Elizabeth Kim was just a normal little girl until one Halloween night, a tragedy has fallen upon her, only to be saved by the tall, dark stranger of her dream; Jack Skellington. Now she lives in the spooky world of Halloween Town, practicing magic and hanging out with Spook, a wise ghost boy, and Mum, a scattered brain mummy.

It seem like a normal day as Molly leaves her bedroom but, nothing is normal in Halloween Town. As she closed her door, pumpkin bombs flew in the air and exploded into black and orange party strings. She yelp a little as the skeleton man jumped down and striked a pose.
"Congratulations, Molly! You are now a full-time member of Halloween Town and a full time witch!" He cheered.
"I haven't seen you much since my brother left. but, why the congrats now?"
"Well, I just wanted to give you some time for yourself and, I wanted to surprise you."
"Well, you had me startle." He always have something up his sleeves. Jack walked up to her and kneal down.
"Molly, it must had been hard to give up your life with your brother in order to stay here."
"It's like you said, I want to learn more about this world and my powers. As long as he's safe, I don't have to worry about him."

"And to that sacrifice, you shall be rewarded!" Oh no, more surprises! Jack stood up and pulled something out of his pants pocket. He threw it on the ground as Molly made a horrifying face.
"A dead rat?! Is this the Halloween Town's ways of rewards?!"
"Oh, I do love your silly imaginations." He chuckled. What's he talking about? Suddenly, a black blur jumped out behind Jack's desk and landed near the dead rat. It shallow the rat in one gulp. Molly took a closer look as it revealed to be a black cat! With a curly tail, skinny, but fluffy, body and a friendly face. (With eyes similar to Sally's) It meow at her, as Molly fell it love with it.

"A cat?! And it's cute looking too. But, how is it cute in,"
"Halloween Town? Well, my dear. This here is a very special cat. Once in a thousands of harvest moons, an unusual black cat is reborn in our fair world, compare to the other black cats around here. Sadly, it, or should I say she, has became an outcast from the rest of the cats. So, since you decided to make a permanent stay here in our town of Halloween, I thought this cat would be a perfect gift for this occasion. A great reward comes with great responsibility!" The cat circled around Molly, Then, she stopped and rubbed her head on Molly's right leg, purring. Molly slowly pet the cat's head.

"She awfully friendly. You know, I always wanted a pet cat, but my grandma hated them. Is she really mine?"
"Yes, Molly. I believe you can take care of her just fine. And don't worry about Zero. He's very accepting of a cat in the house. The two will make good friends. Here, place this around her neck, as you are now a proud owner of this little cat." Jack gave Molly a purple neck collar with a tiny jack-o'-lantern bell in the middle. Molly slowly placed it on the cat's neck.

Later on in the day, the jack-o'-lantern sun shined down at the old shed hangout. Molly and Spook watched Mum chased around with the new cat.
"So, the king's gift to you is a black cat? Not really surprising though."
"What's that suppose to mean, Spook?"
"Well, many witches has black cats as their personal assistant. To fetch them things and used them to spy on enemies."
"Perhaps, this is his way of helping me take the next step as a witch?"
"Could be. Also, black cat are extremely loyal to witches, good or evil. Once they set sight on a witch, they bound to be together forever, or I think. Maybe the last part sounded a bit cheesy." Spook awardly scratches his head.
"No, that was very useful informations. Jack gave me alot of info to, like how she is able to hunt food herself and always lands on her feet, no matter how far she falls."
"Again, this is very nice for the king to get you a pet of your own. The king is a very compassionate ruler, more than that whiner of a mayor we have." They both laughed in agreement. "But, I rarely see his gentle side. In fact, the only time I saw his gentleness is when he's with you." Spook could be right. Sure my suffering is gone but, why put so much effect on me? Then again, he's also like this with that pretty ragdoll lady. Well, it's the most love I have in my life, except Matt. but still.

Molly became lost in thoughts for a while, when they heard Mum' whinny. They look up.
"Hey, cat! My Mummy's warppings isn't a yarn ball!" he cried as the cat messes around with his lose warpping.
"Molly, I think you should tame your cat."
"Right!" She took out her wand from her dress pocket. "An object from the past, appears very fast!" She tapped her hand as a purple yarn ball appeared on her hand."
"Got to admit, not the best rhythming spell you created."
"I'm not good at rhythming, still getting the use to it. At least it works!" She faced her cat and called her name.
"Mittens the 2nd! Here, catch!" She threw the yarn ball as the cat chased after it. Mum walked to his friends.
"Thanks, Molly. Your cat sure is playful, but can play a little rough."

Spook looked up to Molly.
"Mittens the 2nd? that's the name of your cat?"
"I know it's not the most original name but, I want to give it a royalty flair. She's named after my cat doll!"
"What's a cat doll?" Spook bop Mum's head for his stupidity. Molly laughed as Mittens 2 came back with the yarn ball in her mouth. She picked up the cat as the boys stared at them

"I'm sure you guys will have the greatist adventures together."
"Spook, how many rotten cheese you had this morning?! Or can ghost eat?" Spook bop Mum's head so hard that, he fell on the ground. Molly didn't pay attention.
"I wouldn't agree more." Mittens meow back.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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