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Christmas Crisis

© Halloween Town Tales

With a full year has pass, Jack plans on making Molly's first Halloween a special one. But, he soon start to grow weary of the Holiday once more. When Molly finds an old book that tells about a certain night, she fears that history might repeat itself, as Jack plans to take over Christmas yet again! Oh It is now up to her, Spook and Mum to stop the Christmas Crisis and save the Holiday!

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Chapter One: It's Almost Halloween

Jack Skellington, Halloween town's famous pumpkin king, has spend all morning at his desk, up in his tower home. His ghostly skull was filled with frustrations, as he crumble up another piece of paper and toss it in the trash bin. His ghost dog, Zero, waited in his bed, to hope his master would play a game of fetch. He sadly went back to sleep, as Jack sighs.

In the back of the room, a door slowly opens. Jack's little child, the witch, Molly Elizabeth Kim, steps out of room. She sees her guardian hard at work and wish to not disturb him. When she closed her door, Zero's ears held up and awoken. He grew happy and quickly flew to her. He bark, as she tried to calm him. Jack took notice and spins his chair. His frown changed to a warm smile.
"Ahh, good morning, my dear! How are you on this haunting day?"
"Oh, just the same as any other day." she tries to be cheerful. "Will there be any breakfast?" He shook his head and got up. He walked to her and kneel down to her height.
"I'm sorry. For the next up comings days, I'm going to be busy with my work. I don't have time to do anything else."
"What are you working on?"
"Come, I'll show you."

Molly and Zero followed him to his desk. She stood on his chair and quickly looked at all the papers shattered on the desk. Halloween images were on some of them.
"All has the word 'Halloween" on them. There are even some that are written in some strange language. Must be about Halloween?" Jack sat down and place Molly on his lap.
"That's correct! Remember, I'm the king of Halloween. The Holiday itself is drawing near, The Mayor wants me to have these plans done as soon as possible. There isn't much time left. So, I must be working until then.

"It's almost Halloween?! I barely notice! Living in this town, everyday feels like Halloween." Jack chuckled.
"It's sure does. But on the actual Hallow Eve, it's where the true celebration begins! The spook and shivers are at it's peak on the night! We are paying tribute to the birth of our fair town! So, you see. It's very important that the night is a thrilling success!"
"It's must sounds like fun but, why do you feel so stress?" He stroke through her hair.
"It's more than just fun and games. It needs great ideas and executions. Creatives and imaginations have to be just right to make it a true horrible night. It can be a mindful and I want this Halloween to be special."
"How come?" He chucked again.
"Lets just say, it'll make it up to someone unfortunate Halloween. A special reward indeed. Is he talking about me?

Zero started to whine, as Jack sighed.
"Sorry, Zero. I would love to play but, I need to get this done. Molly, would you be so kind and give Zero his breakfast?"
"Sure, no problem." She hop off and head to the stairs.
"And don't worry. At the end of it all, you're going to have the fright of your life!" She smiled and left downstairs, with Zero in tow. Jack went back to work and sighed once more.

Zero chowed down his food, as Molly used her wand to cast the food spell on her plate, which were plain pancakes.
"I prefer the pumpkin pancakes he makes for me, but I understand that he's busy. I wonder how they celebrate Halloween. Thinking about it makes me feel chills." She shivered a little. "Even though it's been nearly a year, I'm still getting use to it all, the creeps and the terrors. Whatever it'll be, I got to be prepare somehow. As she continued to eats, she suddenly felt something on her leg.

Her black cat, Mittens the 2nd, waited next to her. Molly got off her chair, to greet her cat.
"Hello, Mittens two! Have you ate any juicy rats for breakfast?! Say, what's that on your collar?" She unattached a roll up note from the cat's collar and read through it. "It's from Spook! He wants me to come to the hangout s soon as I can! Hmm, I wonder what's up?" She ate the rest of her meal and wave goodbye to the pets.

She arrived inside and founded Spook waiting for her. Before he could act, Mum comes out and ran to her.
"Molly, you're here!" He gave her a friendly hug.
"Yes, Mum. Good to see you too." She slowly pushed to chubby mummy away. She faced Spook. "So, what is this 'important' thing you want to address to me?"
"Well, you probably know that_"
"HALLOWEEN IS COMING UP!" Mum interrupted.
"Yes, I know, I do wonder, how does a town of Halloween celebrates their Holiday?"
"What I had experienced, we usually have Halloween festivals."
"Hmm, I think Jack mentioned it once about it."
"It's my favorite time of the year!"
"No surprises there."
"Last year was sad because, it got cancel."

That's right! It got cancel because of our group's ambush. The night I came to this town, the night Jack rescue me and became my guardian. Has it really been a year?" She went into deep thoughts.
"But look at it this way. If the king hasn't cancel it, we wouldn't gain a great friend like Molly." She smiled
"Thanks, Spook,"
"Hey, you're right! It's going to be Her one year anniversary!"
"Then, lets prepare. Spook, how does this festival work?" He show them a brown book.
"This book contains some of the best festival moments in our history of Halloween Town. I rented it from the library. I was hoping for us to read an get info's on what to expect there."
"Nice thinking ahead!"

"Lets begin by teaching you the festival song."
"There's a song I have to learn?!"
"Don't be like that, Molly! It's a wonderfully fearful tune to sing!"
"It's a song that brings everyone together and describes about the spirit of Halloween and their roles in it. We tends to sing in at the beginning of the festival. The lyrics change from time to time. Here the most current form." He gave her the lyric sheet.
"This Is Halloween? Sounds straight to the point."
"There's nothing else to it." Mum cheered.
"Molly, why don't you look over the words. I'll then play you the instrumental version on the skeleton phonograph. When you're ready, we'll combined them together."
"Sounds easy enough. I'll go ahead and read."

She quickly read through the song the first time around. She had a few commits. No, That scary clown has a role in this! I hate that clown! Hmm, this line, 'that's our town but, we're not mean. It's our town of Halloween? Where did I heard that before?"
She finished and look up.
"Well, if there was a simple way to describe Halloween to someone, this certainly does the job right. Yet in the end, the song gratefully praised Jack. I bet he has a big role in this."
"He isn't call 'The King' for nothing. Every Halloween, he'll make a hauntly grand entrance that really spark the night!" said Spook.
"We worshipping our king of Halloween!"
"That would explain his hard at work." And why it can be stressful to plan. But, I'm sure it'll pay off in the end.
"So, ready to practice?"
"Yeah, tell me all I have to know!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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