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Ψ Residential Area - Mayor's Roof Ψ

♣ Go through the gate on the roof.

Guess who the Mayor was talking about when saying Oogie's monsters. About the very trio of Lock, Shock, and Barrel! And they are still working for Oogie! Or playing, as they say. Well, Jack decides to end this game once and for all.

Boss Battle - Lock, Shock, and Barrel

This is probably one of the hardest boss battles. For not getting much damage, that is.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel are in their bathtub, that is what you will have to hit. While they are in it there are no dances. They basically do four different things.

Throw exploding pumpkins at you, which is what their attack sequence starts with. They always do it once, and once more in Nightmare mode. You can either dodge them, which is the easiest, destroy them, that's not hard either, but sometimes they hit you anyway, or catch them and throw them back.

After throwing two of them, they will throw a trap at you. Though you can destroy this, it is better to grab it and throw it at their tub, because it will stun them for a few seconds.

As their song goes on, their tub will get faster and faster, and when it is fast enough, they will randomly try to trample you. The only this you can do against this is that you try not to get in front of them at all. Sometimes their tub slows down very much, when that happens, watch out, because all three of them will throw one of those exploding pumpkins at you. You can "throw" these back at them by spinning.

There are also three pumpkins on the ground, you can either keep hitting these to get some music notes, or just grab them and throw them at the tricksters. When their bathtub has gotten enough damage, they will get out of it, and now comes the harder part.

Lock and Barrel do the very same things they have done so far. Lock keeps jumping at you with his pump, but when he does that from above, you can see his shadow and he also says "Let's go!", so you can dodge him.

Barrel's slingshot can be quite annoying, but since he always says "Take that!" before using it, you will know when to dodge as well.

As for Shock, she can throw bones, she uses some kind of magic that creates a tornado-like thing around you, and though you can get lots of music notes if you start spinning then, if you don't stay where you were when it appeared, you will most likely get hit as well.

Going after her can save you from some damage, because when she traps you with her tornado, the boys will probably there too, ready to attack. You can also go after Barrel, because not letting him shoot can make things much easier. But don't really bother with Lock, his attacks are much easier to dodge than the others'.

Though Jack wins this fight, he gets tricked by the little pranksters. When he is just about to teach them a lesson, they press a button on the ground, and Jack gets sucked up in some kind of a black hole, and ends up in complete darkness.

Item: Independence Day Door

♣ Chapter completed.

Tips & Hints

I want to be a hint! Really! But everything has already been said a few lines ago! Frown

Dance Sequence

S Rank Requirements







6:00 6:00 8:00


52 65 65


14 12 8


52 65 65
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