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Ψ Oogie's Lair Ψ

How sad, we've reached the last chapter! To bad you'll never pass it! Mwahahahah!! Grinb

Go back to save and heal. This next battle is going to be the hardest of them all. When you're ready head to the last room past the gates to Oogie's casino to face him for one last time.

Jack enters the final chamber of Oogie's lair to find Oogie waiting for him. Oogie tells him that this will be his last and states that tomorrow the town will be renamed to Bug Town. Jack states that's it's Halloween Town and that he is the true Pumpkin King. Jack then tells him to prepare to lose his crown. Oogie then jumps up onto a major contraption. Jack is in shock while Oogie laughs at the surprised Jack. Suddenly three small voices are heard saying that once it becomes Oogie's town then it will be theirs to play with. From the buggy contraption emerged Lock, Shock, and Barrel each functioning a certain part of the machine. Oogie then tells Jack that they'll find out once and for all who the real king is.

Boss Battle - Oogie-mobile

This will be the hardest battle of them all! But lets start with the basics first! The weapon to use here are the Bat Boomerangs, they're the key to ensure a victory. Although the battle will take a long it'll be well worth it.

The battle will start off with Oogie on the ground. When the he's on the ground that's the time to attack. When you do attack make sure you're on the floating platforms in the center of the room. Oogie will then charge at you, this attack is easy to dodge. Just jump over him and land on the other floating platform. Don't be on the ground when he is, when Oogie charges and reaches the end of the arena he will turn around and blast you with a cannon that only shoots through the floor. Also if you hit him enough times, his contraption will break down and it'll take a few seconds to get those little hooligans to get things operational. Grinb That's another chance to attack.

The next phase Oogie will ascend and start his barrage on attacks at you. As it launches attacks at you it will slowly move toward the other side of the room. Don't use your weapons, because there is a small bug in the mouth of the contraption. If you hit it then it'll shoot at you. Lock will also come out and start waving a spiked ball at you. Sometimes Barrel will come out with a wooden shield and a trio of reckon balls to try to hit you at the same time. Also, Shock may come out as well and put a target on you, after the targets have been placed for a couple seconds she fires firecrackers at you, which can be easily disposed of by your bats. There's an easy way to dodge this major death trap. Oogie slowly steer it up and down, when it goes up run under it till you're a good deal away from it. Then wait. When it gets to the end of the arena the Oogie-mobile will turn around and charge at you. A simple way to dodge this is by going on the platforms and jumping over it. This process will repeat a few times in a row before it goes back to the floor and start charging you again.

After you hit him enough times the whole arena will begin to shake and a huge mass of bugs and snakes emerge through a section of the arena, completely destroying it. The masses of bugs last for a couple seconds, then vanish. The masses won't hurt you unless you approach them or touch them. Anyway, after the barrage is over, the place where it emerged from will be replaced with spikes. He will then continue his normal pattern in attacks. After you hit him some more, another pillar of bugs emerge from a different part of the room. Covering it in spikes. After this, Oogie will continue his normal barrage.

As the arena gets smaller it'll be harder to dodge Oogie's attacks. So instead go to the corner and wait there until it ends. If Oogie comes toward you don't worry, because he won't clam the corner, he'll be barely touching you (you won't get hurt). Then Oogie will go back and start again. So it'll be easy even if half of the arena manages to be destroyed.

If you hit him enough times after that, another pillar of bugs will appear destroying the last part of the arena. Now there are only small parts of land scattered throughout the arena. This means that the battle is nearing to a close, and Oogie will continue to barrage you with numerous attacks. Stand your ground and keep doing what you're doing! Hit him enough times after the third pillar of bugs and the Oogie-mobile will burst into flames and eventually explode.

A few tips to beat him is early in the battle and in the middle to use your Spicy Bottle while Oogie's contraption is broken to take out massive amounts of damage. This will shorten the battle. Pumpkin Bombs will help too.

When you finally defeat him enjoy the final Jack dance of the game. (Meanies!! Frownb)
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