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Ψ Pumpkin Patch Ψ

You're now underground the Pumpkin Patch! Mwuhaha! Those kids are funny every time they do it! Grin

Go right. To the left there is an unclimbable wall, so there no point. To the right there is a coffin, go over to it and press B. Zero will then lead you through it, avoid the obstacles and watch out for the Shrunken Head in there. At the end and you will end up in the Graveyard!

Ψ Graveyard Ψ

Go to the right, nothing there (you're going there to just fill the area in for later). Go back the left and follow the arrows. Hit the bells with your bats to awaken and make the ghosts solid. When you reach your first intersection (without any arrows to guide you) head right. When you reach another arrow pointing left, go down the ladder near it, save and go back and follow that arrow. Keep going down the path until you reach a dead end on your map. Go to the end of the dead end and you'll see an Oogie Statue. Use your Pumpkin Bomb to break it and release a ghost. After a brief scene you'll receive the Stretchy Ghost power. Now you can hit those blocks with ghosts on them and a spirit will come out and help you climb up to the ceiling where there's something you can hold on to!

Use the Stretchy Ghost to backtrack until you see an arrow pointing down. Obviously, go down the ladder and continue following the path. You should end up in the room below the room with the Electric Chair. Anyway, you'll see another minion arrow bug, which is a signal that a boss fights coming up!

Jack enters into a mass of graves. As he continues his journey a fly buzzes across him. After whizzing past Jack a second time, the mutated mother of all flies comes down surrounded by her children and prepares to attack!

Boss Battle - Mother Fly

This battle is a little harder than the first two boss battles. The good thing is that there's a pattern! First she'll stay still, so slam her with your bats. When she starts to ascend into the air, aim up and shoot her. Only hit her a couple times and run to the corner. Her weak spot is her head (purple), so hit her there. When she tries to catch you the wall will block her. Then run to the other corner. The next part of the battle is that the Mother Fly will spawn her baby flies. One hit will kill them and dispose them quickly ('cause they fly at you) after they're all destroyed, move out of the way, because the Mother Fly will land wherever you were standing. Then start hitting her again. She'll start to lay eggs, which explode into flames that'll block your way. Hit her and jump back as she jumps, if you want you can make the battle longer by killing her eggs and only hitting her when she jumps in front of you. I went full on and kept attacking her moving back while she jumped forward. After a revolution around the arena she'll spread her wings and fly. With reach revolution of the process more flies will be spawned every time. Oh, and you probably will be caught by her when she flies a couple of times if you let her. Sometimes when she is blocked by the wall, she'll rise again in flight. To avoid her second attack (wall trick won't work) run all the way to the far corner and when she charges, charge at her and jump over her. You can also use where she lands as an advantage to hit her more times. She's easy if you keep persisting in attacking her. Repeat the process until you've killed the third of Oogie's big bugs! Not much of a strategy there, she's easy if you keep hitting her. She doesn't have that much health, only a little more than the Giant Snake that you fought at the Doctor's Lab.

Now sit back and enjoy the jack dance for the third time! Frownb

Go across the arena where you fought Mother Fly and exit that way. You'll be in an area with a door leading out to Halloween Town Square.

Ψ Halloween Town Square Ψ

Now, that you have escaped the clutches of Lock, Shock, and Barrel, go right (obviously Tongue) and follow the arrow down the ladder. You'll be entering an acid zone, so be careful. When you see a striped orange snake in the lava, jump on it and use your Frog Gun to blow you in the direction you want to go. So if you want to go left, shoot right. If you want to go right, shoot left.

Follow the path until the fourth area from the Graveyard, this is where you'll encounter the Werewolf.

Jack sees the Werewolf has been attacked by leeches. He cries for help and Jack comes. Jack tries to consult the leeches but they hiss at him in reply. The Werewolf then says Lock, Shock, and Barrel placed devices called 'Bad Blood Machines' which release a poison gas that makes the leeches go crazy in the acid baths. Jack wonders what the trio is up to and says he'll go find and destroy the machines. The Werewolf then states that there is three machines in all.

Before we go and destroy the machines, we are going to get another Pick Up. Follow the arrow, until you reach the first Bad Blood Machine which is in the third area from the Werewolf. It stays put so get near it with use of your Frog Gun and use your Pumpkin Bomb, make sure you throw it just right so when it opens the bomb will hit the inside. Three hits will do it. Continue until you get to a large staircase, go left and past the obstacles and you will get to a present at the end, Mr. Hyde's Top Hat! Go back to the large staircase, and this time go right.

As you go on watch out for the acid drops that come from the ceiling, and also be careful not to fall in any of the acid baths as you go through that part of Halloween Town Square. When you reach the second Bad Blood Machine it'll be on the ceiling. Station yourself with your Frog Gun and time yourself when throwing your bombs. After it is destroyed continue on to the next area.

If you need health use your Frog Gun to destroy those knight chess piece statues. When you reach an intersection with no arrows to guide you, head left. Save, then head right and right again. Time to get another Pick Up. Now ignore the arrow pointing up and continue right. On the second area after the intersection you'll see a pit. Jump down facing left, when you see a ghost block shoot your bats or your Frog Gun at it for a ghost to appear. It may take a couple tries but once you get it down.

If you manage to hit it, land on the cliff on your way down. When the ghost arrives use it to get to the next area. Now you'll be at another intersection. Head right just to fill that area in and go back, now use the ledges to get climb high until you reach a ladder. It may be hard but keep trying! Climb it up to see another present. Approach it and you win... Oogie's Dice! The best Pick Up you can possibly get! Now retrace your steps back up to the high cliff where you first fell. Jump onto the cliff with the ladder and climb up. Go back to that arrow that pointed up and follow it. Continue until you reached the last Bad Blood Machine. This time it'll be moving up and down. So position and pace yourself before you destroy it. After destroying it continue down the path and you'll end up back at the Werewolf again.

The Werewolf thanks Jack for his help, he also exclaims that the leeches are back to normal. The leeches then want to help Jack also (via Werewolf) and create Acid Baths all over Halloween Town that'll help Jack get into hard to crawl places. Jack thanks the leeches, when suddenly the eye of the Melting Man falls down before them. Jack suspects something has happened to him and then asks the Werewolf where he is. He answers the Graveyard, and without further adieu he continues on his quest.

Now you've completed almost all of Halloween Town Square! Yay! Retrace your steps back to the Graveyard you came out of in the beginning of the chapter. The area before that has another doorway, which is blocked by a wooden wall. Your Bat Boomerang unfortunately can't penetrate it. Go to the left instead and enter the Graveyard. An arrow will be pointing to go enter it. Also keep in mind of the acid bath (the purple slime puddle) for later. Anyway, enter the Graveyard and you're done with the chapter!
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