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Ψ Graveyard Ψ

Follow the arrows left when you enter. You'll be entering the icy part of Halloween Town now, so be careful when walking and facing enemies on ice. Fourth room after the entrance, you'll see the Mayor.

Jack encounters the Mayor with a cauldron at the Graveyard. He asks if Jack would like to have lunch with him. Jack politely declines saying he is in search of the Melting Man. He asks the Mayor if he's seen him, but he has only seen ghosts. Jack wonders about asking the ghosts when the Mayor tells Jack that it'll probably be no use. He then asks if he could help him. The Mayor doesn't have all his ingredients for his lunch and really needs them. Jack tells him he has to look for the Melting Man but the Mayor entices him by promising he'll give some of his Gall Stone Gumbo if he helps. Jack then agrees, hoping he'll find the Melting Man while he's looking for the ingredients. The Mayor thanks him and Jack goes off in search of the missing items and the equally missing Melting Man.

Well, getting the ingredients is no picnic. Go left, heal, save, and go on to the next area. Continue going through the path until you reach the seventh room from the Mayor. Jump down into the gap (just to fill the area) and climb back and continue your normal course. When you drop down be careful of Bug Bombs! Keep going until you reach a rather big clear area. You'll notice a gate hanging above you as you enter. Prepare for a miniboss fight! Go into the room and the gates will close, forcing you to do battle with a possessed straw horse, and fake corpse with a head of an ingredient of the Gall Stone Gumbo. Quickly go to one of the corners and start attacking it, when it comes to you duck because it'll swing its sword. Just keep pounding it with bats and it'll be dead in no time. Go toward the ingredient to obtain Bog's Brain! Your first ingredient out of three. Continue left and continue down the one-way path. In the third room after your first mini boss, drop down the cliff to fill another empty area, go back up to the same room and continue right.

There's another Pick Up here, when you go to the far end of the room where you dropped to fill in the area, drop in the far end and you'll jump down past two walls of Pumpkin Blocks shielding a present. When you're falling, use your Pumpkin Bomb to destroy the first wall and grab on to the ledge. The rest is history. When you finally manage to do this you'll receive the Witch's Brew! Go back on your normal route. (this time without falling Wink)

Now, when you reach the third room from the first miniboss fight, drop down and go along the area until you reach an acid bath and a ladder at the end. Go up the ladder and go left. Go up another ladder and head right. Use the acid bath and go back to the room you were in before. Told you it would come in handy! Enter the arena for another miniboss fight. Unfortunately the corner trick won't work but I would still recommend and sacrificing a few hits just to beat the enemy! One you kill it its head (or ingredient Tongue) claim its head for the taking. Surprise! You got a handful of Bone Brittle! Something tells me this Gall Stone Gumbo isn't going to be that good.

Continue down the designated path, save, heal, and go on until you reach a large room. Go all the way down and ring the bell. Use the ghosts to get back to the entrance ledge and then use the ghost that floats horizontal to you. Hit the ghost block when you see it and jump all the way down to stretch up another ledge. (Although you're going to have to use to ghost to get to it...) Move forward and pass the obstacles at hand, until you finally reach the final miniboss and ingredient.

I have no special advice to beat this thing, it's easy. So once you kill it you'll get Mucus Mold. I don't even want to know...

Head across the arena and down a ladder, keep going and you'll end up at the Mayor!

The Mayor thanks you and then puts all of them in the cauldron next to him. Suddenly the Melting Man's eyeball found earlier jumps out of Jack's possession and into the cauldron. The Mayor then asks what the heck he put it in there for. Jack explains that it just jumped out by itself. Suddenly the Melting Man rises from the cauldron. The Mayor bewildered asks why he was in his cauldron. The Melting man explains to the Mayor that Oogie Boogie tore his body to pieces and was able to reform with all his parts in place. The Mayor then explains he was about to eat the Melting Man too. Jack gets angry and demands to know who this Oogie Boogie is. The Mayor, who forgot to tell Jack before, explains that he is a recluse who lives in his own lair under Lock, Shock, and Barrel's Tree House. Also, he declares himself as "King of All Bugs." Jack thinks that this Oogie Boogie person is just insane! The Mayor then tells Jack that the Melting Man wants to help him. Jack receives Gum Shoes so he can walk up large walls. Jack then asks where the other townsfolk are. The Mayor tells him that the Witches have mentioned going to the Pumpkin Patch. Jack worried as always, goes off to check on them. The Mayor then goes off to look for others.

Now you have Gum Shoes! You can climb those large red walls now. Anyway, before you go, there's a couple of more areas to explore that you couldn't reach before. First go to the entrance to the Graveyard and head right. There'll be another arrow guiding you to the tomb where you used to escape from the underground Pumpkin Patch. Skip that and go to the left, you'll see a ghost block. Remember I told you to go into this room for later? Well, now's the time! Hit it and stretch up to a high ledge and continue on. Use the ghosts to get up to the next area It's a little difficult so it might take a little bit to try. Go through another set of ghosts again and a set of fireball wheels and you'll earn yourself another Pick Up! The Vampire's Umbrella!

Retrace your steps back to the entrance to the Graveyard and go left. Make sure you check your map, there's a couple of rooms that you have not checked. After the room with the save, there's a ladder on the ground. Go across the room, you should be able to see it. Anyway, descend and use your new Gum Shoes to climb the large wall. Go into the new room and ring the bell to wake up the ghosts. Use them to get into the other two rooms. On the top room make sure you have lots of health because you can't destroy the fireballs so make sure run and duck, the ice will slid you under the fireballs, if you do it carefully you won't get hit. If you manage to get to the present at the end, you'll receive a Shrunken Head! Now it shouldn't be a problem heading back.

Back into the room filled with ghosts, go to the bottom of the room and into the next area. What do you know, nothing! Tongueb (at least you filled an area, though) Go back and backtrack to the entrance. There is one more thing left to do, go right from the entrance until you reach the tomb you escaped out of from the Pumpkin Patch. Go and use Zero to guide you back underground the patch. (Arrows will guide you to the tomb)
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