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Happy Holidays!

By Celestion, 01 Jan 2015, 09:44 PM [25 comments]

F rom all of the staff here on The Pumpkin Patch!
We hope all of you had an utterly exquisite 2014! And we're deeply sorry that this year has been so slow for updates! Naturally that was my fault, and I do hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me!

But it's 2015 now, a new start! Happy New Year, my fellow ghosts and ghouls!
I hope you're all excited! Who knows what Tim Burton is just waiting to announce for us?
We've already got some things to be excited for, in fact! For those of you in Australia, you can expect Danny Elfman to be performing the soundtrack of
The Nightmare Before Christmas at this year's Adelaide Festival, along with a selection of other tracks from his collaborations with Tim over the years! That'll be on the 14th of March, the day before the festival ends! If you're going to see it, be sure to comment!

Furthermore, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a year closer! Hopefully as 2015 gets on, we'll be learning some more about what Tim's got planned, as- currently, at least- he's being expected to direct! Hopefully we'll get something very satisfying for fans of the novel!

I'm also sad to report that Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter have parted ways after 13 years (Boo! Frown ), but they remain good friends and co-parents, so I'm sure we can expect just as much Carter/Depp screentime as ever! (Yay! Lol )

Sadly that's all we've to to say for now, though! So tell us Patchees, how were your holidays? And have you made any New Year resolutions? Comment and let us know!

Which new Tim Burton directed/produced film are you most excited to see?

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
The Addams Family
Dark Shadows
Mai, The Psychic Girl

Pumpkin Patch Awards:
Best Sweeney Tood fanart

Mrs. Lovett AGAIN!
Sweeney Todd today
Sweeney Todd Bookmark
Mrs Lovett sketch
Pirelli's ''Magical'' Elixir
Halloween 2014

This, our town of Halloween!

By Celestion, 31 Oct 2014, 01:14 AM [11 comments]

H ello Patchees! Goodness, it has been a good, lonnng time since we updated! Hasn't it?
But as with all things creepy crawly, we cannot truly be stopped! Grinb

Yes, it that time of year again! That time of year where we shake the cobwebs from our bones and then wear them as costumes as we disinter ourselves!
That time of year in which the site rises from the grave, and the streets are filled with the clatter of costumed footsteps!
There are devils, demons, ghouls and (for whatever reason) Elvis impersonators, at every turn!

And what would Halloween be without trick-or-treating, eh? Already, shops are filling up with Christmas displays, as though Halloween has already passed!
That will not do! Patchees, you must go out and scare, win Halloween back! Wear your creepiest costumes, your ugliest masks!
(And make sure you upload them all here so we can see them! Lol )

And when the night has passed, and you're bloated with sweets, don't be sad: Our own Tim Burton seems to be in the same inexplicable Christmas Mood as the retailers, and has left us a present under the tree!
Big Eyes, Burton's newest film, is schedule to be released on Christmas Day.
Fancy that for a Christmas outing! We all can't wait!

Ahh, but you shouldn't be reading! You should be haunting, howling!
Go out and scare, turn every street into part of Halloweentown!
And make sure to tell us all about it when you get back, won't you? Comments are always welcomed, they brighten our day!

As for The Pumpkin Patch staff, we wish you all an extraordinary Halloween, terrifying and full of sweets!
For this old Moderator however... an evening in, with TNBC and other such Burton classics, will suffice.

Have a spooky Halloween, everyone! Don't let the vampires bite Grinb

A Belated but Very Merry Christmas

By HalloweensJack, 29 Dec 2013, 05:21 AM [12 comments]

F rom the staff of our wonderful Pumpkin Patch!

Apologies for the delay in our seasonal routines but we've been buzy brewing up holiday cheer. Since it was a slow year, we undoubtedly dropped the Halloween contest. Oh well better luck next time.

Speaking of, it's almost time for the new year to finally roll in! What are your new years resolutions? Mines includes something along the lines of movie expansion...

Tim Burton's current resolutions would probably include finally finishing his anticipated film Big Eyes in time for his scrambling followers to be properly satisfied. I mean aren't we all ready to just see another one of his master pieces?

Looks like things are also going a little bit slow in the Burton related aspects (Maybe they should stop drinking that nog), but if you're like me you probably have seen that movie ParaNorman (from the makers of Coraline). If you liked either of those films, I propose you check out Focus Feature's newest addition to the family The Boxtrolls. Smile

Well that's all for this twilight. Hope you all have a splendid New Years with new ambitions to pursue! (Just don't try to take over any holidays.)

HJ Wink
Causing mischief!

Hallow's Eve's Eve!

By Celestion, 29 Oct 2013, 01:13 PM [11 comments]

H ello again, fellow Patchees! Boils and Ghouls!
It's been a while, hasn't it? So much news has been flying past, and now it's time to catch up!
Better late than never, right?

Firstly, all of us here on The Pumpkin Patch would like to wish Tim Burton a belated, but nonetheless happy 55th Birthday! We hope you had a truly spooktacular day!

Now, for all of you who commented on the "Big Eyes" update, you'll be excited to know that the film in question is being filmed now, in Vancouver, and stars the likes of Christopher Schwartz and Amy Adams! The film is intended for release sometime in the 2014.

In further belated news, the Burton/Elfman concert that took London by storm has traveled to the US, and is currently playing live in L.A! If any of our Angelenos readers are interested, they'll be continuing to play there until the 31st of October! That's right, Halloween! Now, wouldn't that be a way to celebrate?

And in conclusion of the news, we'd like to wish an even happier birthday to our beloved Nightmare Before Christmas, which celebrated it's twentieth anniversary earlier this month! Tim Burton even gave us this address in order to celebrate the occasion!

And now, we round off this update with a Patchee favourite... The Halloween Contest!
Now, we're sure you're used to the format of a carving contest, and a costume contest, but this year we've decided to... mix it up a bit!

This year's theme is "This is Halloween", and you can submit any photo that falls into that category! That includes costumes, pumpkin carvings... anything you can think of, really!

And as always, you can submit your entries to:! We look forward to seeing your wonderful entries! So get them in, whilst you can! The contest will stop taking entries on November 10th. Update: please don't forget to include a piece of paper in the photo that says " 2013" Smile

And with that said, there's nothing left to do but wish you all a Happy Halloween! Scare up a storm, Patchees! Stay creepy!
Big eyes

Hey there, Big Eyes!

By Celestion, 29 Jun 2013, 09:37 PM [10 comments]

H ello once again, my dear little Patchees! The clock has been turning, the seasons, changing, and Tim Burton news, moving as always!
We haven't seen each other since March, have we? And since then, our dear Mr. Burton has been very busy!

July is only a couple of days away, now, and with it begins the filming of Tim Burton's newly announced film, Big Eyes, a biographical drama following the heated divorce of Walter and Margaret Keane.
Margaret, the artist whom created the famous "Big Eyed Waif" paintings, and Walter, the man who claimed all the credit for her work!
The film boasts such talents as Christopher Waltz, Amy Adams and Danny Huston, and it's theorised to be ready for release in late 2014. Have fun, Tim! We here at The Pumpkin Patch think it'll be great!

On a sadder note, our lovely directors, Guillermo Del Toro and Tim Burton, are no longer working on Pinocchio with one another anymore.
Tim has left the project, no doubt in order to direct 'Big Eyes', although the film is still set to be produced regardless, in case any of you still fancy going to watch it!

And that looks like it for today, my little monsters!
What do you think? Will you go to see Pinocchio regardless? And how excited are you for Big Eyes, which is a step away from Tim's usual genres?
Comment, and tell us!

Until next time, this has been Celestion, and you have been a wonderful reader. Goodbye Patchees, stay spooky!

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