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Jack Skellington

Jack Jack is the main hero of The Nightmare Before Christmas. He's also known as the Pumpkin King. He loves to scare the living daylights out of the souls of people. Now, old Jack is tired of Halloween, tired of the screams. He desperately wants something new, and he would even give up his crown for that. One night, after a long walk in the woods he stumbles upon a new holiday... Christmas! Which he likes very much because it is so different. Though he does not quite get the concept of it, after lots of research he decides to take it over. But will this new sensation turn out for the worst?


Sally Sally is one of Dr. Finkelstein's creations. She's pretty unstable when it comes to physical movement, but she is very kind person, and compassionate. She cares a lot for Jack and always tries to correct his mistakes, hiding her true feelings about him. Though her Master keeps her something like a prisoner, she always finds a way out of his lab, usually by poisoning his soup, using Deadly Nightshade. When Halloween on Christmas turns black, Sally's there to stop Jack from doing something that might hurt him.

The Mayor

Mayor The Mayor of Halloween Town has such a split personality. He is either an enthusiastic nice guy, or a big whiner, depending on which of his two faces is facing us. He does not seem to be able to run the town by himself, so he always needs Jack by his side to make decisions. And when Jack is not there he starts panicking. He hates Lock, Shock, and Barrel, at the same time he is very scared of them. Though he can be annoying sometimes, his nice half makes up for it.

Dr. Finkelstein

Finkelstein Dr. Finkelstein is the town's mad scientist. You always need one of those around, especially in Halloween Town. He created Sally, but is not quite contented with her because of her rebellious temper. He works on a new assistant, who is a definite improvement over her. He helps Jack with making his Christmas, he even lets him borrow some lab equipment to conduct his experiments. After all, he would not be a bad guy if he were not so evil to Sally...

Lock, Shock, and Barrel

Lsb According to Jack they are Halloween's finest trick-or-treaters! They are dressed up as a devil, a witch, and a skeleton. They also wear masks, but they would not win any costume award for those, since they look exactly like their faces. They are about 6, 7, and 5 years old. They are the most mischievous kids around, so it is no surprise they work as Oogie's henchmen. They also get the honorable "mission" to kidnap the Easter Bunny Sandy Claws. It is needless to say they really like that idea!

Oogie Boogie

Oogie Oogie Boogie is our main villain! He is a gambling sack of bugs, who especially likes playing with others' lives on the line. And he always cheats! He has his own little henchmen to deal with his dirty work. Thanks to them he even gets hold of Sandy Claws, who he almost cooks for dinner along with Sally... but in the last moment Jack shows up and saves the day. He is big, green (in UV lights), and mean, so you'd better be careful!

Sandy Claws

Sandy Also known as Santa Claus. He is the man who puts the X in mas! He is there minding his own business when he gets captured by Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Then he is taken to Oogie Boogie, where he almost gets cooked in a pit of lava! But Jack saves him, he saves Christmas, and (almost) everyone lives happily ever after.


Zero Zero is Jack's trusty steed! He is a ghost dog who follows Jack wherever he goes. His nose is shaped as a pumpkin and can easily light up. He loves playing fetch with Jack's bones, especially his ribs. He helps Jack when it is real foggy and no one can see on Christmas Eve, as his nose lights the way!

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