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Harry's Nightmare Before Christmas

© JaneSkellington93

Harry took a walk near the forbidden forest when he came across a circle of trees. On each of the trunks were a carving of a holiday: New years day, St' Patrick's day, Easter, Halloween, Valentines day, Boxing day and Christmas. While looking at the carvings curiosity got the better of him and he soon found himself in Halloween town. Now he along with the Pumpkin king have to work together to stop Oogie Boogie from destroying the Holidays all together. Can they stop him in time? Lol
Declaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, Nightmare Before Christmas, or the media used.
Key: * notes

Prologue: Oogie's ressurection and take over.
Lock, Shock, and Barrel giggled as they sewed Oogie back together again. Once that was done Shock then took her wand out and began to cast
“*Oogie Boogie
the master of nightmares, The king of mean,
The scariest man in halloween.
With his wormy hands and buggy head.
He'll fill your heart full of dread.
In an evil lair underground,
He's the creepiest man this side of town.
This man's a gambler, A player with dice,
But this bug bag's not the slightest bit nice.*
Return to us your loyal three who hail you mister Oogie Boogie!” she chanted.
The bag then began to twitch and rise
“I'm Baaaaaaack!” the bag of bugs cried looking at the three who brought him back.
“well done you three but tell me why did you wait a year to bring me back? Hmmm?” Oogie asked
“If we tried to bring you back before now Jack would have stopped us. But jack's leaving town to 'find new discovery's' as he said.” Lock answered
Barrel nodded “and no one knows when he'll be back”
“Good this is really good. We'll have to plan this just right. Who did Jack leave in charge of the town?”
“Dr. Finkelstean.” the three answered. If Oogie's stitched smile could grow any wider then he would split a seam.
“What's today's date?”
“November 1st.” Shock stated
“We have a month to take over the town.” Oogie stated before telling the three their roles in the take over of Halloween town. The first step was getting an Oogie patented brain for the good doctor. Now the hard part might be switching the brain.
“Shock, go spy on Sally if you please. When she knocks the doctor out to leave, we'll switch the brain then.” Oogie ordered. Shock ran off to do her job. Oogie had Lock go and get the brain for the doctor and had Barrel grab his book of conjuring. Shock came back saying that Sally just poisoned the doctor and was out of the lab. Oogie ordered Lock to help Shock replace the doctor's brain. All the while he had Barrel gather ingredients to bring his decoration to life. Now it was time to program the brain. Oogie sent his shadow to make sure Dr. Finkelstean was programmed to worship him and should Jack return to end him. Oh and to send the town's folk into a panic by saying that Jack wants a dangerous Halloween. They'll do this without question and once his skeletons and ghosts are ready, he'll send them out to make sure the citizens don't try to rise up against him. Although there may be a problem. Two of the new coven members are quicker to note if something is wrong.
“Barrel, didn't the town get some new magic users 13 years ago?” Oogie asked
“Yep, there were a man and a women named Potter I think they died protecting their son from some dark lord or something. Why?” Barrel asked
“Well, we might need to make sure they don't interfere with our planes.” Oogie stated with that Lock, Shock and Barrel were tasked to capturing the Potters. The plan was simple. Shock would act like she didn't know where in the hinterlands Lock and Barrel had gone to. Where once the Potters came out to see if they could find the two boys. Shock would then use a stunning spell and the three would then put the Potters in separate tombs to stall them until they have taken over the town.

Thank you for reading. The next chapter should come out next week. Review, like, share.
Note: * poem by Dallas. From (it might be easier to google search Oogie boogie man poem)
this is Janeskellington93 signing off. Until next week. See you soon.
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