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Because many people are having problems with doing the dances (especially the later ones) perfectly, or even well, I've decided to try to explain how to get used to it enough to consider it fun and easy.

First of all, grab your PS2/Xbox controller (seriously). I'm going to explain it for the PS2 controller, but it's the very same for Xbox too, only, different button names.

Okay, now take a look at your controller, and its buttons used for dances. We have four directional buttons, which you should be able to find without looking already (if not, then, is on top, is on bottom, etc. Tongueb). Now, let's take a look at the harder-to-find group, , , , and . Because of the latter and harder dances in the game, we're going to separate this group to two smaller groups: top buttons being and , and bottom buttons being and . You should know which ones are in the top and bottom groups without looking (if you really can't remember, then think about it this way: 5-in-a-row buttons are in the bottom group, the rest is in the top one Smile)

Let's take a look at a dance screen.

As you can see, there are two markers in the center. Those markers tell you where the button images should be when you're supposed to press them.

If you press them right around the very center, a "Good" image will show up, and you'll get an too.

If you press a button too early or too late, or press a wrong one, a "Boo" image will show up, and your combo ends.

Your combo also ends if you do not press anything.

The harder the game mode you play is, the closer these markers will be to each other, making you have to time better. This will seem hard, if you're concentrating on "pressing them when they're in the center". Try to forget about that for a minute. Supposedly, even if you haven't played Oogie's Revenge before, you have seen the movie, and know the songs more or less. Well, they have different lyrics here, but their structure and rhythm are the very same (except for Sally's Song, which is faster). You'll almost always have to fight a boss before dancing, so you'll have time to get used to the songs' rhythm. Because this is what can make dances much easier.

Give this one a try: forget about where the markers are, and only pay attention to what buttons are coming on the left, and the song. If you're used to paying attention to the markers, this might seem hard, but that's okay (the reason I got used to this way too is because I was playing it on a black and white TV, and couldn't tell the buttons by their color, and yes, it did seem much harder, than the marker way). Okay, now you know what buttons are coming, what's next? Well, the songs are mostly beat based, meaning you'll have to press the buttons following the beats of the songs, and sometimes even their syllables. Then keep dancing this way, until you get a bit used to it. Because after that, if you look at the markers again, but still dancing by the rhythm (as in combining the two ways), dancing will become very easy, and more importantly, fun.

Now, if you haven't played the game yet and are here just out of curiosity, and don't want to be spoiled, then go and play it, because the rest is specifically for the different dances in the game.

Okay, if you're still here, then I'll tell you how to read the buttons/lyrics below. In the game, you'll have to press the buttons for the bold words/syllables. Sometimes you'll see that I separated syllables that can't be separated for real (like mo-re), that's only supposed to indicate that you have to press 2 buttons for that one syllable.

Dance against Shadow Oogie

This is a very easy one, no arrows yet, and the longest button sequence group consists of three buttons (which are supposed to be pressed for beats). You should try to get your timing right here, and press the buttons in a way to get "Good" for all of them.

I see you're pretty proud of all your
Booby trapping schemes
But I can say you'll rule this town
Only in your dreams

That's funny, Jack, it was a dream
But now it's coming true
'Cause even my mere shadow knows
Your days as king are through

Whoa oh! Whoa oh!
Oh ohhh! Whoa oh!
Whoa oh! Whoa oh!

Dance against the Super Spider

This one is much harder than the first one. There are longer button sequence groups, and now we'll even have to use the arrows. This time, you'll have to press the buttons mostly for syllables, not beats. There isn't really a "trick" for this one besides trying to follow the song's rhythm and keep up with it.

What will be-come of our dear town
Now that we've let our lead-er down

You know, dear Sal-ly, that's not true
We can take this town back, me and you

There's so much dan-ger yet to face
But I'm not wor-ri-ed
Back home I hur-ried

Now we must stop/You sure-ly will/If we work hard
That e-vil Oog-ie's scheme/Now we all count on you/etc.

Dance against Dr. Finkelstein

Although this one's faster than the one before, and therefore seems harder, it's actually easier. Why? Because there are lots of repeating buttons in the sequence. Now, people tend to just keep pressing them like crazy, without counting, and because of that, sometimes screwing up the whole thing (Finkly's head will only open if you dance well enough (or if you open it, but that's another story)). Don't worry, I'm not telling you to count, you won't have to. Just don't go crazy at those repeating parts, and keep up the one button for one syllable thing.

All these people that you're hurting
Oh, good doctor, it's discon-certing
Doc-tor, please
Your thinking is all wrong

In a mo-ment finally you'll be gone

Your intentions are e-vil/You shoot and at-tack me
Your thoughts are all bad/It rolls off my back
The thing that you work for is/I'm not your en-e-my
No mo-re than a cad/I'm the Pump-kin King, Jack

When final-ly I get that foul/When this is all o-ver
Brain out of you/Good friends we will be

Dance against Lock, Shock, and Barrel

Basically, this would be beat based too, but some parts are syllable based, and those parts are also fast, making them pretty hard. The first 7 lines should be easy, as they are groups of three, after that, once again, just try to keep up with the rhythm.

Now, that Oogie is the king
We get away with everything
You cannot scold us for our pranks
The new King Oogie, let's give thanks

Don't be foolish! Think now, all this
Danger isn't fun and games!
When this town is back to normal
Do you real-ly want the blame?

Hail to Mister Oog-ie
This is so much fun
We make mischief day and night
Our work is never done

I've told you once, I've told you twice
To straighten out your act
You'll never get away with this
And that, you brats, is fact

I've had enough of this disgrace/Trusting him's a big mistake
So take me to the hidden place/One that you don't want to make
Where my friends sit locked in a cage/He might reward you, this is true

Dance against Oogie

Finally a dance where you can take advantage of having memorized the top and bottom button groups. (Right?) This dance already has these "all colorful" parts, where four different buttons are following each other, fast. I mainly mean the part here. This dance only has one of these, but the next one has many more, so you should learn to get it right. It's not that hard, believe me. Smile Let's analyze this 8-buttons sequence for a minute, and you will see why it can be easy. Grab your controller once again.

» bottom group, right to left
» top group, right to left
» bottom group, left to right
» top group, left to right

As you can see, this sequence is not random at all, merely, starts at the bottom, goes from right to left, then does the same at the top, then does the same thing again, but this time from left to right. You should press them in a "ta-dum ta-dum ta-dum ta-dum" way, so you don't get lost (and that's what matches the rhythm, anyway). Don't be afraid to try it out now on your controller, then you'll get the point. Smile

The leaders of the holidays
Must right now be set free
Release them all at once, or you'll
Have to deal with me

You beat my men, so what? Big deal
You even ran the maze
You still can't stop me
I'm the king of se-ven ho-lidays

Ohhh! Whoa oh!
Whoa oh! Whoa oh!
Whoa oh! Whoa oh!

Dance against Mega Oogie

Now, my favorite! This dance can be a killer (literally, because you lose half a pumpkin if you miss), if you can't get these "colorful" button sequences mentioned above right. I won't explain to follow the rhythm again, you should know that by yourself by now. So let's take a look at the hard ones again: , , and . Let's split them up (the longest one in our case), then look at the controller.

» top group, right to left
» bottom group, right to left
» top group, left to right
» bottom group, left to right
» top group, right to left
» bottom group, right to left

Just like in the dance before, you should press these in a "ta-dum ta-dum ta-dum" way. Then you won't get lost, and will get your s with a better chance.

Well, well, well
What a pest you are
Still around, huh? Oh
Can't say I like that
So why don't you just give up
You know, sur-ren-der

He mocks me, he fights me
I don't know which is worse
I might just split a seam now
If I don't die laughin' first

Ta-lk, talk, talk, but I tell you
This giant's goin' nowhere
If I were you, I'd take a hike
There's dan-ger in the air

E-ven if you catch me
You could never do me in
I'm ten stories high, and just as strong
Which means I'm gonna win

How fe-eb-le, how childish
Is that the best you've got?
You think that you're a hero, Jack
But I think you are not

Now it's ti-me for you to see
What it really means to scare
'Cause I'm a gamblin' Boogie Man
Although I don't play fair

It's much more fun, I must con-fess
With lives on the line
Not mine, of course, but yours, old friend
Now that'd be just fine
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